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Disney CD - Pirates of the Caribbean

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Yo ho! Wherever you may be, enjoy a pirate's life with our maraudin' medleys direct from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! Our Theme Park Exclusive CD is a pirate treasure worth hearin'!

rack List
1. Disneyland's 10th Anniversary Special (Pirates of the Caribbean Excerpt)
2. Pirate Overture
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Float Through
4. Barker Parrot
5. A Parrot's Life For Me
6. The Exit Spiel
7. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) Demo
8. Tuba, Harpsichord, and Vocal
9. Singing Dog
10. Accordion Player
11. Drinking Pirate
12. Drunk on Lamppost
13. Singing Pigs
14. Parrot on Bridge
15. Scare Me Music
16. Ghostly Voices
17. Arsenal Scene
18. Pooped Pirate
19. Stuffed Pirate
20. The Auction Scene
21. Various Pirates
22. Chase and Jail Scenes
23. Bayou Banjo
24. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) Instrumental
25. Fortune Red (Pirate Arcade)

*Authentic Disney Park Merchandise*

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