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We at Magical Ears Collectibles do not tolerate Hate Mail, Threats, Profanity, Demands or Harassment. If there is a issue with your order we will handle it for you the best of our ability, within the guidelines of our terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions do not apply with other websites, businesses, and corporations. These type of emails do not change the results against our terms and conditions, that you read and agreed to before placing your order. No Exceptions!
We are a small business and answer emails within 24-48 hours except weekends. When emailing, Please be Kind, Our team works very hard for you. Please Read all our terms and conditions, this helps all of us. If there is a issue please address it Kindly.
All orders that cannot follow these conditions are subject to be banned from our store with no exceptions.
Kindness goes a long way!
Thank you for your cooperation.
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