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We want to "Reward" Our Customers with "Reward Points" when you order from us. Here is the most FAQ about this Wonderful Point System.

What are the Points?

Reward Points earns you 1 point on every dollar you spend (Does not include Shipping and Handling)

How Do I Use These Points?

You can use your reward points towards Gift Certificates. Simply go to "Your Account" and Redeem them.

Do Reward Points Expire?

No Reward points do not expire. Although if your order is Cancelled, or Returned your points are as well.

Is there Other ways to earn Reward Points?

YES! We have a few ways to earn more points. Simply leave a Positive "Review" either on our facebook or a "Review" under the Item(s) You Ordered. Or even on facebook You can share our Website, or a Product and Receive Extra Bonus Points. (Please let us know when you shared it, to verify) It's That Easy!

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